FIRSTlife goes urban!

Project of the modern dormitories for Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22!

About the project

Project FIRSTlife is the competition project of the Czech Technical University in Prague for the Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22. It aims at Feasible and Innovative Residences for Student Life.

FIRSTlife aims at the development of the new accommodation capacities for the focus group by extension of the existing buildings of dormitories. We are going to design and build our vision of modern Dormitories!

While sustainable and energy-efficient buildings are a frequently discussed topic that we deeply care about, this project is about much more to us. We project our own experiences and perception into it. The unavailability of apartments and high prices in Prague affect all the young people every day. The student dormitories capacity is deficient. These circumstances bring students to, lightly said, challenging life situations. Students, who have ever experienced living in dormitories, concur, that if any part of university student life deserves an improvement, it should be the dormitories. We know it, we have lived there.

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Press Release #5 – Ready, get set, build!

Summer holidays? Pff. Lazy autumn start of the semester? Nope. That is what did not happen to team FIRSTLIFE. We have given the project a lot during the last months. But what progress we have made? Yes, from the beginning, we were ready to build the house. But thanks to ...
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HDU model sent to Wuppertal

Our 1:25 model of House Demonstration Unit was built at Faculty ateliers by our great attentional group. It looks incredibly well, and we were even sorry that we had to let it go to Wuppertal. But at least we know we are designing it well. If the final 1:1 demonstration ...
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Press release #4 – Spring rebirth of FIRSTlife project

Less than a year to go. Eleven months till final expo of Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22. And this crucial deadline of our FIRSTlife project can be seen on every design update. We are getting closer to provide our vision of modern dormitories in Wuppertal, Germany, a city of the expected ...
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Auspices for the FIRSTlife

We are happy to announce that our project is recognized and supported by major Czech institutions. As was mentioned in the last post, our team is under the patronage of the CTU Rector (president of the university). But that is not all. The hot news is that we are now ...
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CTU Rector on our site

The Rector (president) of Czech Technical University in Prague checked our progress during his visit to UCEEB. Doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc. even seen part of the UCEEB facility backyard, where the FIRSTlife House demonstration unit will be built. Rector, during his short speech, highlighted the importance of such student ...
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First contact with the outside world

Last Friday, the FIRSTlife team held their first workshop, presenting our vision of 21st-century dormitories to the invited experts. Our guests, experienced in various fields regarding architecture, civil engineering, sustainable design or urbanism, gave us valuable constructive criticism. It wasn't always easy to hear it, but this feedback is essential ...
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