FIRSTlife goes urban!

We have enrolled the Solar Decathlon Europe 21!

About the project

Project FIRSTlife is the competition project of the Czech Technical University in Prague for the Solar Decathlon Europe 21. It aims at Feasible and Innovative Residences for Student Life.
The main motivation of the project is the problem of high prices and overall unavailability of apartments in Prague. This affects the generation of the young people, especially the students very hard. The student dormitories are regularly full, and the offer does not cover the demand. These circumstances bring these people to formidable life situations.
FIRSTlife aims at development of the new accommodation capacities for the focus group by extension of the existing buildings of dormitories. These buildings were built mostly at the end of 20th century and many of them need retrofit especially towards the decrease of building energy consumption. The benefit of application of FIRSTlife solution will be also in improvement of original building’s performance.


First contact with the outside world

Last Friday, the FIRSTlife team held their first workshop, presenting our vision of 21st-century dormitories to the invited experts. Our guests, experienced in various fields regarding architecture, civil engineering, sustainable design or urbanism, gave us valuable constructive criticism. It wasn't always easy to hear it, but this feedback is essential ...
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We know the spot

We wanted building site number 8 and we got building site number 8. At Solar Campus lot selection, Lord Mayor of Wuppertal Uwe Schneidewind picked lot with FIRSTlife name soon enough, so we could call dibs on the exact spot we wanted for our house demonstration unit! Close to the ...
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FIRSTlife team is back on the track towards Solar Decathlon Europe 21

Wuppertal, here we go again! This sums up the current mood of the FIRSTlife team. Our group, composed of both students and staff of Czech Technical University in Prague, is competing in Solar Decathlon Europe 2021, one of the main events dealing with sustainable, energy-efficient, and socially responsible development. And ...
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Back in the game!

After a challenging year affected by world pandemic, we are truly pleased to announce that our team is back on the track towards Solar Decathlon Europe 21 in Wuppertal, Germany! SDE21 has been postponed as a reaction to the current COVID-19 pandemic, so the goal for our team is to ...
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April 6th

Our faculty is from March 11th closed. We teach in a distance way. Thus, the preparation and consultation of the solution for SDE21 is also affected. In our team we do our best to meet the requirements for the first submission for the Design challenge. However, we could not start ...
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A CTU team takes part in the international Solar Decathlon Europe 21 competition

A student team from the Faculty of civil engineering supported by the University centre for energy efficient buildings (UCEEB) has succeeded in the contestant selection process and will therefore continue in the international university competition Solar Decathlon Europe 21. The team has roughly one and a half year to prepare ...
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