CTU Rector on our site

The Rector (president) of Czech Technical University in Prague checked our progress during his visit to UCEEB. Doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc. even seen part of the UCEEB facility backyard, where the FIRSTLIFE House demonstration unit will be built. Rector, during his short speech, highlighted the importance of such student projects and appraised our efforts.

But his support is not only verbal, the FIRSTLIFE project is now under the patronage of the CTU rector. This, with other Patronages, will highly raise the chances of our fundraisers in their effort to find, contact and seal the deal with our future partners and sponsors.

©FIRSTlife / SDE21/22 – FIRSTlife construction site opening with CTU Rector and UCEEB directors, showing HDU floor plan demarcated