Back in the game!

After a challenging year affected by world pandemic, we are truly pleased to announce that our team is back on the track towards Solar Decathlon Europe 21 in Wuppertal, Germany! SDE21 has been postponed as a reaction to the current COVID-19 pandemic, so the goal for our team is to finish our design and build the model unit in Germany by June 2022.

Right now, we have assembled the team and started resuscitating our design of addition of storeys to the existing buildings of Větrník dormitories. We are also very happy to announce that our team is growing since there is a lot to do and we all together will surely take our design to the next level. We would also like to thank ex-members of the team since they finished their master’s degree studies during last year break. We wish them best of luck in future.

It surely will be a hard task to cooperate in the team, as we can still meet only remotely, but we are sure we can do it anyway and bring together FIRSTLIFE to Wuppertal.

Stay tuned, there will be some interesting content coming up on this website in upcoming weeks!